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Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for Bloggers Tips. Bloggers Tips is a Blogging Niche based  Blog. Which Mainly Make You A Professional Successful Blogger.Learn the Basic Elements of Blogging including SEO, Social Media, Traffic and Blogging Tips.

You are very welcome to submit a guest post to Bloggers Tips.


1. The post must be at least 500 words in length.

2. The post must be unique, which means it should not have been published anywhere else or should not be published anywhere in the future.

3. Make sure the post fits in the categories of the blog. Any news, tutorials, tips on blogging and social media. If in doubt, check out the category menu or read some of the recent posts.

4. I reserve the right to edit your post for grammatical, structuring or other reasons. If there needs to be a major change I will let you know.

5. You are allowed to add up to two links in the author bio (profile). In-content links are allowed only if they’re highly relevant to the content. Promotional/company and other kind of in-content links carry a charge of $20 per link. So please add in-content links only if you are willing to pay the fee (via Paypal).

6. Format the post neatly by breaking it into paragraphs. Use subheadings (h2 and h3).

7. The post MUST have sub-headings (h2 and/or h3) so that it is easier for the readers to read the post. I will reject the post if there is only big paragraphs of text in there.

8. Please allow 3 weeks to 1 month before inquiring about your post status since there will be lots of submissions ahead of yours. If you want your post to be published within 3 days of submission there is a premium priority fee of $25. You may ask for the same via the contact form.

How to submit?

1. Email the complete guest post along with the author bio as a .doc attachment to info@existors.com . I’ll do a quick review of the post to see if it is acceptable and will also check the links. Please also include a username that you’d prefer for your Contributor account.

2. If the post is acceptable, I’ll create a Contributor account for you and will let you know.

3. You may then login and submit your guest post via the Dashboard. Make sure the post is correctly formatted. Don’t forget to press the “Submit for Review” button.

4. After your post is submitted for review, it will be in the review queue. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your post to get published since the posts that were submitted ahead of you need to be published first.

5. Please do not contact me asking when the post will be published within few days of submission.

6. If you have a deadline or any other urgency for the post to be published quickly, there is a priority publish fee of $10. Paying this fee will assure that your post will be published within 3 days of submission (via Dashboard, not the email submission). You may ask for the same via the contact form.

Responding to comments (Very important stuff)

It is mandatory that you respond to comments in your guest post. Make sure that you click the “Reply” button on the individual comments and interact with every (valuable) commenter in your guest post.

The moment you submit a guest post for review at Bloggers Manual, you agree to respond to comments that rise in your guest post, if the same is published.

If you do not respond to comments in your guest post within 5 days from the publish date, the links in your guest post (both bio links and any in-content links) will be removed. There is absolutely no negotiation on this!


Do you have any questions or comments regarding guest posting? Please feel free to write to me via the contact form