Top 5 Secret Tips To Write An Article

Starting a blog nowadays, is easy as nothing. Nowadays, most of the teens and young adults out there step into blogging, with an aim to make money. However, every blog doesn’t make money the same way.If you’re confused on what makes a great article to make money and successful blogging, then today we’re here with the Top 5 Secret Tips To Write An Article.

Best Secret Tips To Write An Article

Secret Tips To Write An Article

As I said, starting a blog doesn’t matter, but maintaining one does. The way how you maintain your blog matters a lot in the success of your blog. And by maintaining, it mainly means the way you publish articles on your blog.

Publishing unique, refreshing and innovative articles will surely pave your blog’s way to success. However, if you keep on copying other’s stuff and try to imitate what others does, then probably your blog will doom pretty quickly.

 1. Write What You Know

The main problem of every newbie blogger nowadays is that, they dream of being a PRO blogger, the second day they start blogging. And therefore, they start copying and rewriting other’s content to claim themselves as pro bloggers.

Doing so will never help you succeed, and will surely doom the future of your blog. Therefore, for a successful blogging career you should always write articles that look fresh from others.

You should always try to fill your blog with articles built on your knowledge, findings and experiences.

2. Do Proper Research

Readers always validate quality over quantity. Hence, providing your readers with a rich quality content once a while will satisfy them more, then providing them with useless content everyday.

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And prior to writing your article, you should always do some research on your topic. This is to make sure that the points you mention in your article is true and valid.

Providing true, valid and worthy information through your blog posts will leave your readers impressed by your blog.

3. Headlines Matters

For any blog post, headlines are the factor that drives traffic and readers to your blog post. Therefore, it’s simply clear that titles play an important role in the success of any blog post.

The title of your blog post must be short, straight to the point, unique, catchy and yeah, must contain your primary keyword for the sake of SEO.

4. Introduction Paragraph

Frankly, we are all lazy. We don’t want to spend time on stuffs that does not benefit us. Same applies to your blog post. Most of your readers won’t be spending much time in reading your whole article. Instead, they’ll mostly go through the intro paragraph, and then if it seems interesting, they may proceed to read.

So therefore, the introduction paragraph is the factor that can help you grab some good audience.

5. Don’t Write Like A Robot

Your readers will feel bored, if you express and explain your article like a robot. And, writing this way won’t make any difference or improvements to your article.

Therefore, whenever you write an article, try to express those articles on your own manner and try to bring out your best writing experience on your article. Add appropriate quotes, information or even crack a joke whenever necessary.

Final Words To Write An Article

Whenever you write an article, your main aim must be to provide your readers with the most unique and relevant information as possible. And you should also take care to keep your article interesting so that your readers don’t get bored while reading your article.

Impressing your readers is an important part of a successful blog. Even if you have unique content, if the way of expression is not impressive, then your article will surely look dull.

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  1. I guess 2nd point should be on first position..

    nice article..

  2. Interesting write up.

    I think most bloggers are expecting to earn money or traffic overnight. Actually life doesn’t worked that way. it takes time to grow. People by Darren Rowse took years to blog before they finally earn tons of money 🙂


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