Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Now making money through online became easy. There are several ways to make money online through blogs and websites and affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make money online and increase your revenue. Affiliates programs are also the best alternative among the Google Adsense alternative.

Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

If you are new to this term ”Affiliate Programs” then I would like to take your valuable two minute i.e Affiliate program means giving a referral to the affiliated product through your blog in other word if any visitor will make any purchase via your affiliate link then you get commission for that purchase. So this is very good way to make money for bloggers.Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Bloggers can use affiliate programs with their various ads partner also like google adsense, Yahoo bing ads network and many other ads network . I am sure that you are thinking that who are giving good affiliate services for bloggers. So, by stopping your curiosity here I am explaining here the top 10 best affiliate programs for bloggers.

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  1. Hostgator: If your blog niche is hosting tips, blogging tips, then Hostgator affiliate program should be your best choice. Hostgator is providing very efficient service among other hosting provider. The have awesome support team. They are growing with a great potential. Hostgator is providing commissions in sign up basis like 1 to 5 sign up per month will generate 50$ USD per signup. After 5 signup 6 to 10 sign up per month will create 75$ per sign up. So, it’s a huge amount. If you have good amount of traffic you can make passive income from this affiliate. Minimum payout is USD 50$.
  2. Malabar Shopping : Malabar Shopping Is a new Online Shopping Site , but in this short period malabar shopping listed in the best shopping portal in india , they are offering 10% on each sales
  3. Mythemeshop:  MythemeShop’s program is amazing they are giving 60% commission on each sale on their 2-tier affiliate program. If you are blogging about wordpress, blogger, Blogging tips, then this is your perfect affiliate. They are providing free joining for their affiliates mean if you are a newbie blogger and you don’t have mythemeshop them no need to worry you can start affiliates with zero rupees investment.
  4. SEO processor : Currently, in this competitive blogging market you have to do a perfect  SEO ffor your blog. And SEO processor is top of all SEO software provider. You have nothing to do SEO, everything will do by SEO processor . So, ultimately there sells are also good. For SEO niche blog it SEO processor is the best option. There commissions are 50% in each sale.
  5. Amazon associates:  amazon affiliates are the best for tech and career niche blog  because, now amazon providing not only eBooks, they are providing hard copies of books , tech gadgets, gift cards,accessories and more . So career and tech niche blogger can use Amazon affiliates. As their best chose. They are providing 10% commission in each sale. Minimum payout of amazon associates is 100$. Payment via check, paypal and other methods.
  6. Flipkart affiliate program: This also same as Amazon associates. Now flipkart is making a huge sale in online. And we can call the ecommerce king. They are providing a huge no. of products. Like books, watch, laptop, smartphones and many more. This is the best affiliates for career niche blog. Their commissions are 6-10% in each sale.
  7. LinkShare: A large affiliates provider they have millions of affiliates partners. You can join their network for free. And make money a huge. Join their network as a publisher. You can get around 50 to 70% commissions. It’s a very good option to monetize your blog.
  8. Clickbank: You should know about this affiliate. They are providing up to 75% commission. Clickbank is simply works like choose a product and sell through your blog. So, choose a perfect product according to your niche and enhance monthly income.
  9. Themeforest : This is another good one affiliate program for wordpress niche blog more than thousand wordpress and other platform themes are there. There commissions are 50-70% of each sale. It’s depends on theme provider.
  10. For the Indian lifestyle blogs affiliates are the option they are giving 75% commission in each premium register. is the world’s top matrimony site. And day by day their users are growing very fast for their best service. This affiliate will work more efficiently in Indian target blog traffic.
  11. Makemytrip: Makemytrip affiliates will work best on travel niche blog. If you have travel niche or photography niche blog then Makemytrip is your best choice. Their commissions are little less than other but it’s good enough 3 to 5 % commission in each sale.
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  1. Nice article and all are branded affiliate 🙂

  2. Thanks for this list. I’ve been looking for a good affiliate network for my blog.

  3. I like Themeforest, but the commissions are between 30% – 50%, not 50% 70 %, this commission is for theme developers not for affiliates. BTW Good list, Hari, can you suggest a good affiliate for technology site?

  4. Brian Olsen says:

    New affiliate program for adult bizz.
    Signups $0.01 Purchases: $1.50 Forums posts: $ 0.01 aproved Directory signups: 0.01

  5. Hello Guys I trying many affiliate for my education blog but there are no more satisfaction please suggest me any good affiliate for education niche blog. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hey great article indeed, good collections of affiliate programs, by the way if you don’t mind, let me tell you the title of this post is “Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers” but the fact is that you have listed 11 😉 overall nice article and enjoyed reading this.

  7. Hey Hari,
    Thanks for the great post.I am using flipkart, amazon and clickbank for monetizing my blog with and makemytrip are out of my blogs niche so i generally not prefer to use them on my blog.

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