How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog

For any blogger, rankings of their blog matter a lot. Rankings increases traffic, earnings and reputation as well. When we talk about rankings for a blog, the Google Pagerank and the Alexa rank are the 2 most popular commonly measured ranking metrics.

And talking about Alexa rank, many people usually face difficulty in increasing the Alexa rank of their blog. Many bloggers carry out different techniques to increase the Alexa rank of their blog. Some even try some black hat techniques to reduce the Alexa rank of their blog.

If you’re in search of ways to increase the Alexa rank of your blog, then we’re here today with some ways that can positively help you to increase the Alexa rank of your blog, without using any black hat techniques.

How To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog

Increase Alexa Rank

1. Adding An Alexa Toolbar And Alexa Widget To Your Blog

The most common technique used to increase the Alexa rank of a blog, is to add an Alexa toolbar widget to your web browser and also install the Alexa widget on your blog.

Doing so will help Alexa to monitor and record the traffic that each webpage receives and hence will also directly help in increasing the Alexa rank of your blog.

2. Build More Traffic From Search Engines

The traffic that flows to your blog directly from Search Engines also does matter in increasing the Alexa rank of your blog. Therefore, you should always focus on SEO techniques and keywords in order to rank higher in search results, and to gain more traffic from Search Engines respectively.

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A blog that has more traffic from Search Engines is likely to get more increased Alexa rank than a blog with comparatively lower traffic from Search Engines.

3. Frequently Update Your Blog

If you didn’t know, the post updating frequency on your blog does matter in determining the Alexa rank of your blog. Post frequency is important for every ranking, and is for Alexa rank too.

A blog which updates its content daily will comparatively have a better Alexa rank than a blog, that updates it content weekly. Therefore, how frequently you update your blog is an important factor in increasing the Alexa rank of your blog.

4. Gain Alexa Reviews

Yet another simple way to increase the Alexa rank of your blog, is by asking your readers and followers to write a positive review about your blog in the Alexa Reviews section.

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Alexa also considers the reader’s reviews while ranking a webpage and having more reviews will positively affect your Alexa ranking. Therefore, try requesting your friends and readers to write a positive review about your blog on Alexa.

5. Keep An Average Traffic

Alexa also estimates the overall average traffic that your blog receives. Blogs that receive an average amount of traffic daily tends to have increased Alexa rankings and also their Alexa rankings improves day-to-day.

Therefore, always try different white-hat methods to increase the traffic to your blog, in order to increase the Alexa rank of your blog as well.

Final Words To Increase Alexa Rank Of Your Blog

That was some easy effective and convenient methods to increase the Alexa ranking of your blog. I hope this article has helped you to solve your queries. In case you have any queries or suggestions, please leave them as comments below.

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  1. Great tips on Increasing alexa rank bro and really thanks for this article.

  2. Hey mate,

    Now I noticed quite a few things recently. Having constant updating on your blogs doesn’t guarantee you much improvement but the algo works a lot on traffic. The more traffic you get, the better chance to rank on Alexa.

    Thanks for sharing mate!

  3. Thanks for sharing this tips
    Its indeed would be helpful

  4. This is good article. But small mistake here. If your site Alexa rank is low considers good. but if it is high it is not good. Please change the title as “How DECREASE Alexa rank”

  5. Thanks for great tips. I will try to gain Alexa reviews.

  6. Great tip on increasing alexa rank, you’ve made really good content and blog also. I loved the logo of your website. Good luck for future posts.

    Sahil Sharma

  7. Hi very nice info thanks for shearing with us .a new but site here we can also post n share about our talent. thanks

  8. Very nice post. Keep posting :)

  9. MSI Sakib says:

    Thanks for writing informative article on alexa ranking. I think toolbar is the most important as alexa counts only visit’s that are made by their toolbar. By the way I need to make one thing clear. Is alexa site review still available? I thought it was closed.

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