How To Submit Guest Post Succesfully

There is no doubt that guest blogging is the easiest and the most utilized means to gain backlinks. The practice of guest blogging has been living for many years, and is still followed despite of threats possessed by Search Engine quality guidelines.

However, nowadays if you take guest blogging lightly, and if you submit guest posts without proper research, then there are high chances that these backlinks might do more harm to your blog than good.

Most of the blogs out there gets penalized by these algorithms Updates because they improperly prepare guest posts and submit these guest posts on random sites and blogs, dreaming only about the backlinks they get. But as popular Search Engines like Google are starting to strengthen up their rules against spam and manipulated content, it’s time for us to polish our guest blogging skills.

how to submit guest post

And if you’re confused on how to submit a successful and beneficial guest post, then we’re here to help you out. Today, we will be guiding you through how to write and submit a guest post successfully.

From the easy side, you can learn how to submit guest post successfully, if you follow the most important 4 points mentioned below

1. Choose The Perfect Blog

Choosing a blog to submit your guest post is a tricky task. While choosing a blog to submit your guest post you should always go with blogs that has higher rankings more subscribers and more interaction.

Choosing a blog with greater readership and interaction will surely increase the traffic of your blog, whereas choosing a blog with higher rankings will increase your SERP and other rankings.

2. Writing a Killer Article

After choosing a perfect blog to submit your guest post, the next task is to write a killer, unique and tempting content. While writing a guest post, you should always have both the readers and the Search Engine.

You have to write a unique and interesting article to impress the readers, whereas you should optimize your blog posts to favor the Search Engines.

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Make sure that you add relevant keywords and LSI keywords in your blog posts and also make it easy-to-read and easy-to-understand.

3. Write An Attractive Title

Title of your blog post is the factor that can grab your readers. As the title plays an important role in the success of any blog post, you should seriously spend some time before choosing a title for your blog post.

Therefore, while choosing a title for your guest post, always try to make it short, catchy and meaningful. Also, adding your primary keyword to your blog post is highly recommended, and can positively boost your blog post’s SERP ranking too.

4. Don’t Write An Incomplete Article

The most common mistake that most bloggers do while submitting a guest post is that, they write incomplete articles. They try their best to keep the word count between 500-600 words.

But, however writing larger meaningful articles increases the chances of your blog post being accepted on popular high ranking blogs. Therefore, while writing a blog post try to keep the word count above 700 words and also write it meaningfully.

Your article will be perfect, if you show the courtesy to add relevant information to your article in the forms of pictures, videos or texts.

Final Words

Finally, we have gone through some simple yet effective tips that will surely help you out to create meaningful guest posts, and to submit them successfully.

If you personally have some suggestions that can improve the quality of guest posts, then please don’t hesitate to share them below.

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