4 Ways To Get Pagerank Easily For New Blogs

If Google Search Engine can be considered as a deity for bloggers, then similarly penalties from Google is a curse and Pageranks from Google is a blessing.

As you all might know that Google Pagerank is indeed still the most influential factor in determining how well a blog can perform. A good Google Pagerank means higher reputation among the public as well as the Search Engine.today we are to help to get pagerank easily for your new blog or website.

get google pagerankGoogle prefers blogs with high Pagerank as it is valued as a quality signal by Google. And hence, if your blog has a high Google Pagerank, then you would apparently enjoy more traffic, rankings and incomes from your blog.

How To Get Pagerank Easily For New Blogs

If you have recently started a new blog, and if you’re working hard to get a good Pagerank in the next update, then below are some ways that can help you gain Pagerank easily for your new blog.

1. Build Backlinks From High Authority Sites

One of the most common mistake that most of the newbie bloggers out there does is that, they take building backlinks as a very simple process. And they start to build links from low quality and low authority sites.

Instead of focussing on the quantity of backlinks created, you should always value the quality. So does the Search Engines. You should always try to build backlinks from blogs that has high authority, Pagerank, traffic and reader engagement.

By this method, you’ll be able to increase the chances of getting higher Pagerank as well as will also indirectly boost up your blog’s traffic.

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2. Write Original, Lengthy, Keyword Rich Articles

While writing articles on your blog, always focus on three points: quality, keywords and article length respectively. If you bring out your best in these three factors, then there is no doubt that your blog will rock.

The three points mentioned above are some basic SEO techniques that every newbie blogger must follow. These will increase the SEO of your blog, as well as is influential in the SERP of your blog. Which will indirectly boost up the Pagerank of your blog as well.

3. Do Not Start Spamming

Google loves legitimate sites, and at the same time hates blogs that follow some kind of Black-Hat SEO techniques. As a blogger, you should always try your best to abide and follow white-hat SEO techniques prescribed by Google and other SEO experts.

Do not go crazy about link building. Using some kind of un-natural ways to build links to your blog is a very bad idea, and if once caught by Google, then your blog will be penalized severely.

google pagerank structure

Also, don’t go for link spamming as well as content spamming. Do not try to copy other’s articles in order to increase the post count of your blog. Do remember that Google, at every instance values quality over quantity. Also, avoid creating artificial backlinks, or backlinks from spammy sources.

4. Use Social Media’s For The Best

If you think that Social Media has nothing to do with SEO and rankings, then you’re extremely wrong. Social Media’s like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. influences the SEO, SERP, rankings and other factors of your blog.

Therefore, being active on social media’s for your blog will bring in more positive ranking energy to your blog as well as will help in increasing traffic as well.

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  1. I implemented all the solutions but still i am not able to get google page rank. Can you guide me what i do to get page rank.

  2. Very nice and use full post. I am totally agree with you Hari.

  3. I implemented all the solutions from last 1 year but still I am not able to get Google rank. Can you guide me what should I to get rank 1?.

  4. Nice post but I have one question for you. How many links should I get in a month? Please tell me.

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