Try These Best Income Sources via Your Blog

Blogging isn’t only a way of helping internet users but you can also earn some money from it. In fact you can even earn millions of amount from money and you must have read somewhere over internet that it’s possible to make money here.

Yes, it’s possible to make money from blogging and you’re already having a blog with you but you came here as you don’t know the ways or sources from where you can earn money. I’m here to help you out and writing down best income sources via your blog.

income sources for the blog

Google AdSense

It’s not the best but easy way of earning money via blogging. Make sure that your blog is according to Google AdSense terms and conditions so that you can apply for the AdSense account. Once you get approval then you can place advertisements on your blog for which you’ll get pay by the Google itself.

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Direct Advertising

If your blog is really worth and right now at good rankings in short receiving good volume of traffic then you can easily get direct advertising offers.

Just put a banner on your blog indicating that you’re looking for some advertisers and if any such person finds your blog interesting then he/she will definitely contact for the direct advertisements in your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

If your blog is on a particular niche then you can find a product which comes under same niche and you can promote that on your blog. If your readers buy that product from your blog then you’ll get good amount as commission from the product marketing team or owner. The same logic applies to services, like you can promote some services.

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Affiliate marketing isn’t that easy but you can earn huge amount as commission if your content is powerful enough to convince readers to buy product you’re promoting.

Offer Your Services

If you’re good at a particular service then you can also offer your services by your blog. The best service to offer is the SEO. As you’re having a good authority blog so you’re already aware of SEO techniques and you can offer the same as services to your readers. If any of your readers need your services then you’ll be paid by him.

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Selling  Backlinks

It’s not legal in the eye of Google but still you can sell backlinks from your blog to a new blog. If you’re having an authority blog then other bloggers who are having new blogs will contact you to get their website linked to yours by the mean of backlink. In return, they will pay you for that quality backlink.

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If you’re following this way of earning money then make sure you don’t sell too much backlinks otherwise Google’s algorithm (Penguin) might hurt your blog.

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  1. Hey, i analyzed the best income source through blogging is adsense. its really gets more benefit than others. Do you have any other option to suggest?

  2. buy back links says:

    I was able too find good information from yyour content.

  3. Great article, Hari! You provide some really helpful resources for bloggers. I would have to agree that Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from your blog. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

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