Best And Basic On Page SEO Tips For Blogger Blogs

The main question that arises on every blogger’s mind is that “How Can I Succeed In Blogging?”

Nowadays, becoming a successful blogger is not easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work, perfection and different promotional techniques to build up a successful blog today.

Search Engine Optimization, or shortly termed as SEO, plays a major role in building a successful blog today. Using White-Hat SEO techniques for both on page and Off-Page SEO optimization can really help in boosting your traffic and earning a better SERP.Today, we will be sharing some best and basic On Page SEO optimization techniques for blogger blogs.

On Page SEO Tips

Most of the common SEO tactics are applicable for any kind of websites, no matter on which platform they’re built on. But there are a few unique SEO optimization techniques that differs with the blogging platform that you opt for blogging.

Best And Basic On Page SEO Tips For Blogger Blogs

If you’re using Blogger as your blogging platform, and if you would like to find out how well you can optimize your blogger blog, then we’re here to help you out.

1. Setting Up A Custom Robot.txt and Robots Header Tags

In blogger, you have an added functionality to edit your robots.txt and robots header files. Robots.txt and robot header files basically determines how Search Engines bots see’s your site. You can edit these robot files in order to prevent or allow Search Engine bots from crawling pages, categories or posts on your blog.

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2. Add Meta Description and Meta Keywords tag onto your Blogger Template

The meta description refers to the default description of your site, that appears on Search results whereas meta keywords refers to the primary keywords on your blog’s niche.

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If you have not yet added the meta description and meta keywords tag onto your blogger blog, then you can do so by pasting the below code after the “<head>” of your blog and replacing “your blog description” and “your blog keyword” with their respective entries.

<meta content=’DESCRIPTIOen N HERE’ name=’description’/>
<meta content=’KEYWORDS HERE’ name=’keywords’/>

3. Adding Separate Meta Description For Your Blog Posts In Blogger

In blogger, you can also add separate meta description for individual blog posts. You can do this from your blogger post editor. You can enter respective descriptions for every blog posts, before you publish it and Search Engines will crawl and display those descriptions for your blog posts.

4. Optimizing Images On Your Blog Posts

Image optimization is also a part of SEO, and plays an important role in increasing the SERP of your blog and blog posts. Therefore, optimizing images on each of your blog post is necessary in order to gain more traffic and better SERP.

To optimize images on your blog post, simply go to the properties of the respective images from your blogger post editor and then you can add or edit descriptions, captions and ALT texts of your images to make it more SEO friendly.

5. Final Words About On Page SEO

SEO Chart 2013

Finally, the above mentioned points were some basic yet effective ways to specially optimize your blogger blog for Search Engines. I hope you found this guide helpful. If you are aware of some more techniques to SEO optimize blogger blogs, then please do share them as comments below.

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