Top 5 Benefits Of Homepage Backlinks

There is no denial of the fact that backlinks are the building blocks of a successful blog. To create a successful blog, you need to build backlinks from other successful and higher authority blogs.

But lately, there has been a debate on the question, homepage backlinks or side-wide backlinks, which gives more benefits.

Basically speaking, homepage backlinks directly boost up the rankings and SERP of your entire pages whereas site-wide backlinks will help you rank your individual posts and other posts related from it.

But still, there are many benefits of building backlinks back to the homepage of your blog. And today, we have listed the top 5 benefits of homepage backlinks, below.

Top 5 Benefits Of Homepage Backlinks

Homepage Backlinks

1. Helps You Stay Away From Being Penalized By Google

Nowadays, Google is bringing up advanced changes in their algorithms and spam detection, that helps them to fight against spam, low quality and copied content.

And as a result, if you aggressively build site-wide backlinks, then Google might notice it as a spam signal, and hence may end up penalizing your blog.

2. Spreads Equally Throughout Your Blog

When you build backlinks to the homepage of your blog, the benefits of the backlinks created is spread equally throughout your blog. And hence, all indexed posts and pages on your blog, will benefit from the backlink that has been created.

However, when you build a site-wide backlinks to certain posts or pages on your blog, then only that particular post and other linked posts benefit from the backlink created.

Hence, building backlinks to homepage might seem more profitable than site-wide backlinks.

3. Boosts Ranking For Your Future Posts

Another benefit of creating homepage backlinks is that, it will help in boosting the overall ranking and SERP of your blog, indexed posts and pages, as well as your future posts.

Therefore, by building backlinks to the homepage of your blog, you’re directly flourishing the SEO of your blog.

4. Homepage Backlinks Looks More White-Hat

We choose a variety of methods to create backlinks to our blog. Mainly being guest blogging and blog commenting. However, building site-wide backlinks using this method seems to favor like a black-hat technique, because you’re artificially boosting up the rankings of your individual posts.

Whereas, building homepage backlinks using these methods looks more organic and white-hat. And you’ll get more favor from Google too.

5. It Ranks Your Entire Blog For A Particular Keyword

Using your primary keyword while building backlinks to the homepage of your blog, helps you in ranking your blog for that particular keyword respectively. And hence will increase the SERP of your blog and it’s indexed pages for that keyword. Resulting in more organic traffic and increased Search Engine Visibility.

Whereas, building site-wide backlinks with your primary keyword will only help in ranking those particular posts for your keyword. And which results in decreased traffic and lower Search Engine visibility.

Final Words About The Benefits Of Homepage Backlinks

Finally, I have mentioned some top benefits of creating homepage backlinks. In this changing SEO climate, homepage backlinks will favor your blog more than site-wide backlinks.

Homepage backlinks will make your blog look more natural, and hence will help in escaping from penalties by Search Engines like Google.

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